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About IJW


Iraqi Jews Worldwide (IJW) is an organization that aims to unite Iraqi Jews from around the world. The majority of them represent second and third generation Iraqi Jews, some of whom have fully assimilated to their new countries, and have retained very little of their cultural diversity.  There are an estimated 300,000 Jews in this world that are of Iraqi-Jewish descent. 


Iraqi Jewish Heritage is important, but retaining it through generations requires a large number of people.  IJW, in many ways, might be considered a developing organization, in that we identify our goals incrementally.  Our initial motivation stems from the simple desire to unite as many Iraqi Jews into a single network.  Our theory is that large numbers of Iraqi Jews connecting on a single platform is the most essential step for any goal.  We believe that retaining our heritage would not have to be "achieved" but would rather be a byproduct of a strong membership base.  In other words, by connecting large numbers of us on a single platform, cultural similarities will be instantly emphasized.


Should we reach our membership goals, we believe that some of the initial activities would include regionally specific informal events or parties, followed ultimately by larger worldwide events.  For other ideas, read our "Israel Connect" Project in the Events section.


IJW has also been helping some members track their families through a strong network of contacts that provide us with information.  This is something we have already commenced in the facebook wing of our organization.   We believe heritage and genealogy are also extremely important and would ultimately consider developing an application that would help our members in identifying with it. 


About IJW