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We Finally have enough frequently asked questions, and as this organization will not lie to its members, the following are the most frequently asked questions in order of frequency.  While they are in some ways sad for questions, there is something very Iraqi about them.  I will not mention names of those who asked.  Any other questions, don't hesitate to contact us.


1.  Did you start this organization just to find a wife? (ASKED 78 Times)


I am thankful that those of you who do know me, know also that I am perfectly capable of meeting someone on my own.  And I thank you for not asking.  For those of you who don't know me, I have a question for you.  Who gets married to someone because they started "Iraqi Jews Worldwide" or any other  organization.  I am not so religious, but I agree with Judaism on a few things.  One of them is that there is a huge difference between love and admiration, the latter of which fades leaving you really annoyed that you are with someone. 


2.  Why haven't you tried to get any direct support from a Synagogue? (ASKED 71 Times)


We assume that any synagogue will be supportive of an organization with our goals.  I couldn't think of a synagogue that wouldn't.  If there is one out there that disagrees with IJW goals, this organization will field any questions and debate any issues they might have.  Plus, did it ever occur to you that the organization would like to establish itself a little before going to talk to a synagogue?  Lets build a membership of 5000 or so, and then I will go talk to someone.  I have spoken to a few people that have mentioned that the synagogues that are aware of IJW, like the idea, and are supportive.  That should suffice in the meantime.


3.  Who are you trying to look good for?  (ASKED 65 Times)


For you.



4.  What was your initial inspiration in starting this organization?  (ASKED 63 Times)


This is a tricky question.  Well, for the past few years, I have always believed there should be an orginization like this.  It makes perfect sense that we should have one.  Yet, for some reason, we always end up just going to events and party's of other middle eastern organizations, which I support and think is wonderful.   But wouldn't you like to have one of your own?  I think I would.  So for the past few years, I have just been hoping that someone else would start an organization, because quite frankly, I didn't want to be the one who had to do it.  But since it didn't happen, and I thought I could do it, I just did it.  And so far, its working out well.  I have a decent grasp of my cultural heritage and history, but I realize that if its only me, then it will eventually become obsolete.  We all have to know where we came from.  For those of you whose parents grew up in Baghdad or somewhere else in Iraq, I have a simple question.  What would happen to you if you were able to walk into the houses your parents grew up in? What do you think you would feel?  I guess that question has something to do with this also. 


5.   What are your plans for an event to get everyone together? (ASKED 49 Times)


Well, when you say event, I assume you mean a party.  Whats wrong with using the word "Party."  Technically, writing an e-mail would be considered and event.  People use the word event to glorify parties.  I think we should party to glorify the word "Event."  Logistically, large parties involving people from multiple nations are difficult to plan, but are completely feasible.  We are currently assessing the approach we would like to take for this.  We welcome suggestions and feel free to contact us if you have any. 


6. Will you advertise events or conferences for other related organizations? (ASKED 47 Times)


Of course, why wouldn't we? Our goal is not to compete with other organizations, and if possible hopefully increase their memberships.  We have no issues with the heads of any other organizations, and there is no competition here.  For those of you that are competitive, wake up! Its not like we have millions of people to win over here.  We can only be so big.   


7.  Is Elliot Yamin really half Iraqi Jewish? (ASKED 20 Times)


Yes, if you don't believe us, just google him.



Thats all for now, we hope this has been educational for you.  Any other questions, feel free to contact us.











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